2017 OU Football Game Shuttle Program

Round trip limo shuttle service from all listed hotels along i35 in Norman. Choose your pick up hotel after selecting a date.  

Hotel Pickup

You can buy your tickets online, or you can pay cash. Chauffeurs and Hosts will have armbands available for purchase. The limo shuttles will start picking people up approximately 3 hours and 1.5 hours before kickoff.

Pre-game Drop off

We will drop you as close to the stadium as possible.

Post-game Pickup

Please see the MAP for directions on pickup location after the game. The pickup location is exclusively at Meatball House on the Southwest corner of Campus Corner. It is located Northwest of the stadium. Boyd and University are the exact cross streets.

There will be a Host present just inside or just outside Meatball House. Please find the Host in a BACKSTAGE LIMO POLO SHIRT. Check in to get in line for the next Limo shuttle available. You must show your BACKSTAGE LIMO bracelet. If you do not have one, one can be purchased for $30 from the Host for a trip back to the Hotel. Submit your name and number as you enter Meatball House. Listen for your name to be called or receive a text that your limo is ready to load. While waiting, please enjoy the Air Conditioning or Heat and the infectious atmosphere of Meatball House. No food is allowed in any of the Limos. Please adhere to the rules of the ride

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND BE AWARE. Expect a wait time immediately after the game because of traffic. Traffic is traffic and nobody is immune to it. You can either spend the time in one of our comfortable limos with your fellow football fans, or spend it staring at brake lights. We reserve the right to refuse anyone. If you do not catch the first shuttle out back to the Hotels EXPECT A SIGNIFICANT WAIT TIME for them to return. Please remember we will continue the Limo shuttle for 3 hours. No refunds for no-shows and for those not on time for departure.


Please call 405-590-2452.

Please choose a date below to start the ticket purchasing process

Backstage Limo Shuttle Perks:

  • Closest to Stadium
  • No Chance of a DUI
  • No Traffic Stress
  • No Fender Benders
  • BYOB!(Over 21 only)
  • No Walking
  • No Bad Weather
  • No Parking Fees
  • No Problems